Communication through Data Networks


Adventures in Japan (日本の冒険)

With the increase of technology used in organizations and the evolution of electronic devices, the integration of data networks was inevitable.  One example of a widespread data network would be Local Area Networks (LANs) which are primarily used to share a variety of components including applications, data, printers, scanners.  The major benefits of using them are that they standardize applications and reduce cost.  There are two main transport techniques through data networks which are broadband and baseband.  Broadband is more widely supported and can carry analog or digital information with multiple channels.  Baseband can only carry information in packets and is limited to a single channel, making it much less applicable.  Bluetooth is also a popular example of a data network that provides agreement at physical and protocol levels.  It is also wireless and can pick up other Bluetooth signals within range.  Though these data networks seem very user-friendly, they…

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