the MOOC becomes self-aware

If you dont know now you know!


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Is technology, in MOOC form, going to be the Skynet of higher education, leading to the subordination of the professoriate to the machines? All of a sudden, doom is on everyone’s lips with the jumping on board the Coursera train of a platoon of top universities, and we all wonder where it’s heading at breakneck speed. Questions about the need for a large cadre of full-time faculty, the numbers of which have already been dwindling through competition with the growing administrative demand for adjuncts, are understandably making those of us who teach a little uneasy. Visions of universities without walls are shifting to visions of universities without faculty, or maybe only a few elite, star faculty who phone in their course content in recorded video chunks and leave the course management to . . . well, to whom does that chore fall?

Pick your favorite science fiction metaphor to characterize…

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