The Process of a Podcast

Making Noise


Wow, what a whirlwind it has been for these past couple of weeks.  The number one thing I’ve learned is that there is always something to do.  On my first day of work, Shelley (marketing and public relations manager, also my boss) took me on an office tour to meet everyone.  I felt like that magical body of water in the desert; each time I shook a hand, I saw swirling thoughts inside of heads thinking about all the extra work a new intern would be able to help with.  In each office we visited, someone threw out the comment, “If you ever run out of things for her to do, I have X, Y, and Z that need being done.”  Shelley, thankfully, claimed me right off of the bat and respectfully declined these offers.  With my place in the office secure, I sat down to complete my first task; uploading podcasts.

I consider…

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