TBI verdict in Court, I can’t wait for my day in court, it’s already been almost 7years since the accident. My TBI was from this, I was working 21 days on 3 days off, ten to 12 hours a day and even longer some days. I was never late for work, and never turned down a chance to work overtime, I had a perfect safety record and have never ever been fired or laid off in my whole life.the other side’s 

Legal Response was “the accident may not have even happened at all” “he wasn’t injured in the accident” “He was not wearing his seatbelt” and “he was already injured”

All lies, I never go anywhere without my seatbelt,I was severely injured for life , which I won’t get into right now,look at the truck I was cut out of by the jaws of life,that help save my life.too many blessing to be grateful for,and what’s done is done, I had no control over what happened and without the help of so many hero’s I would not be here today. I’m very very lucky and thankful to everyone that helped me though the most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my life, I love you all and thank you for saving my life.The picture of the truck I had to get cut out of by the jaws of life is in the comments,please look at it and let me know what you think about it.Sincerely Landon Ryan Cooper.

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